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Frequently asked questions about poured-in-place rubber surfacing (PIP):

What is PIP?

PIP is a highly skilled and involved process that involves mixing rubber granulate and a binding agent on-site, then pouring and troweling the mixture onto a sub-surface. Our surface is made from 100% post-consumer recycled rubber and polyurethane binders.


How long does PIP last?

Our PIP generally lasts 15-20 years depending upon exposure to the elements and foot traffic, but regular maintenance, such as cleaning and resealing, can help prolong its lifespan even longer. 


Is PIP safer than wood chips or sand?

Unlike loose-fill materials such as wood chips or sand, PIP rubber creates a seamless and even surface across the playground area. This eliminates tripping hazards and creates a smooth surface for wheelchair accessibility.


What makes PIP the safest playground surface?

PIP offers superior safety by exceeding the standards in regulated safety requirements.  It is designed to absorb impact effectively, providing a softer landing surface for children in case of falls or tumbles.  It is also engineered to meet specific fall height requirements based on safety standards and can be installed to accommodate various playground equipment heights, ensuring adequate protection for children playing on structures of different heights.


Is PIP expensive?

PIP may be expensive upfront – but is actually a great option when it comes to affordable playground surfaces in the long run. Unlike the other loose-fill options which require consistent upkeep, poured-in-place rubber is a unitary surface. It requires little to no upkeep with minimal maintenance.


What are some other benefits that other surface materials do not provide?

Aside from the countless safety benefits, PIP can be customized with various colors, patterns, and designs, adding aesthetic appeal to the playground.  We offer over 15 bold colors to choose from.


Does the color fade?

As with any material, PIP can fade or lose its vibrancy over time if exposed to full sun for long periods of time.  MEAK’s “Extreme-10 System” utilizes an aliphatic urethane which contains special UV inhibitors that significantly slows down fading. 


Do you offer a warranty?

Our PIP product is designed and manufactured with long-term performance in mind. We select the best material components available and design each surface with the characteristics necessary for the application. All materials are sourced from and made in the USA.  You can be assured that quality control and customer satisfaction are our highest priorities.  MEAK Playground Surfacing offers an industry-leading 10 year warranty on its Extreme-10 system (aliphatic urethane) and 7 year warranty on its Super-7 system (aromatic urethane).

Why choose MEAK Playground Surfacing?

With 20+ years of experience and 3,000+ completed installation projects, MEAK Playground Surfacing is the industry's leading commercial recreational surface experts.  No other company can compare to MEAK's combination of craftsmanship, knowledge, and dedication to safety.  MEAK uses the best materials on the market, uses a higher rate of materials which means a tougher, longer-lasting surface, and backs their products and services with an industry-leading warranty.

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