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EverTop™ is the single-layer poured top surface of the PlayBound™ Poured-in-Place system. It consists of recycled post-industrial EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber and polyurethane. It is commonly used in play areas without equipment or where critical fall heights aren’t required, as well as in portions of playgrounds outside the equipment’s use zone. This achieves aesthetic consistency at a lower cost.


Easily customized to complement playground settings or high-traffic areas.

Because the rubber and urethane components are mixed and applied on site, having school colors, logos, games and/or geometric shapes permanently incorporated into the surface are easily accomplished.


EverTop includes an industry-leading percentage of material in its top surface, significantly increasing the surface’s expected life. This product is also backed by an industry leading warranty.


Our urethane is specially formulated for PlayBound™ playgrounds and recreation areas.  Urethane for playground surfacing requires particular levels of tensile strength, flexibility, and working time versus curing time. It is critical that a proven urethane product be used. The urethane and rubber is then mixed to create the ideal balance. We use a volume of urethane that provides superior strength and durability with a volume and density of rubber that maximizes the resilience of the PlayBound™ surface.  the urethane binder that encapsulates the granules is produced in two forms: aromatic (our Super-7 system with a 7-year warranty) and aliphatic (our Extreme-10 system with a 10-year warranty).


There is no base mat application with the EverTop™ product.


MEAK applies an industry-leading 2.44 lbs. per square foot in its PlayBound™ surface. A higher rate of material (as measured by weight) per square foot means a tougher, longer lasting top surface. Compare the weight of material that Meak applies in the top surface to the competition, and you'll see why we're the most sought after poured-in-place installation company in the Midwest.

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