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PlayBound™ Poured-in-Place dual-layer rubber surfacing is an innovative and advanced solution to the more traditional materials commonly used for safety surfaces in recreational settings.  It offers superior safety by exceeding the standards in regulated safety requirements, maximum durability, as well as unsurpassable longevity and endless creative possibilities.

This PlayBound™ surface is a 2-layer system consisting of a base material made of 100% post-consumer recycled rubber and polyurethane.  These materials are mixed and applied on site.  The thickness of this surface can be modified to meet critical fall heights providing maximum safety.


Proper PlayBound™ Poured-in-Place installation requires highly trained crews who specialize in all phases of the project.  Our experienced crews have installed 3,000+ poured-in-place projects throughout the Midwest and even other countries- totalling over 1,000,000 square feet!  Know that when MEAK is doing the install, you have the most experienced and seasoned crews in the industry doing the work.


Our urethane is specially formulated for PlayBound™ playgrounds and recreation areas.  Urethane for playground surfacing requires particular levels of tensile strength, flexibility, and working time versus curing time. It is critical that a proven urethane product be used. The urethane and rubber is then mixed to create the ideal balance. We use a volume of urethane that provides superior strength and durability with a volume and density of rubber that maximizes the resilience of the PlayBound™ surface.  the urethane binder that encapsulates the granules is produced in two forms: aromatic (our Super-7 system with a 7-year warranty) and aliphatic (our Extreme-10 system with a 10-year warranty).


The base mat provides the shock absorbency in the system. The objective is to have a medium density layer with a medium amount of urethane in the mix. Too much urethane in the mix makes the system hard and unforgiving. Not enough urethane can result in a premature breakdown of the basemat.  MEAK Playground Surfacing has mastered the art of creating the perfect ratio for optimum safety and effectiveness.


MEAK applies an industry-leading 2.44 lbs. per square foot in its PlayBound™ surface. A higher rate of material (as measured by weight) per square foot means a tougher, longer lasting top surface. Compare the weight of material that Meak applies in the top surface to the competition, and you'll see why we're the most sought after poured-in-place installation company in the Midwest.

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